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Bioethics Matters

Author(s): Moira McQueen

ISBN13: 9780826435101

ISBN10: 0826435106


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  • Bioethics Matters is an essential resource for Catholic dealing with medical and end-of -life issues. This succinct guide clearly sets out Catholic teaching on today`s debated issues: stem cell research, reproductive technologies, euthanasia and much more. By presenting real-life situations, this guide provides readers with examples of Catholic ethical decision-making in action. The purpose is to show how Catholic teaching can help people today navigate their way through tough decisions and choices.

    Lay people deserve to be as educated as possible in Catholic teaching. Lay people today have huge civic responsibilities. Many of the burning issues of our time are bioethical- euthanasia, prenatal genetic diagnosis and so forth. We read about these constantly in the newspapers and see them on television. It can be difficult to keep up to date with developments in these areas, as well as staying informed about Church teaching. Bioethics Matters is of invaluable assistance.
  • Moira McQueen

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Bioethics Matters