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Beyond Anger Growing into Calm

Author(s): Jennifer Minney

ISBN13: 9780953844678

ISBN10: 0953844676


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  • The author, an experienced counsellor, who is also an SRN and SCM, has a BA (Hons) in Psychology and a Bible College Diploma with Distinction. She has combined medical and psychological knowledge with biblical truths to produce a series of books on some common emotional problems that hinder personal growth and development.

    Using Bible characters as case studies, each book discusses causes, signs and symptoms, and gives practical suggestions for overcoming the immediate effects. The reader is also helped to understand and change dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behaviour; to move beyond the problem towards psychological and spiritual wholeness.

    "It is a joy to recommend these titles. The books are professionally presented, all in a manageable 80 pages long. The tone is conversational and friendly, without becoming sloppy or losing the note of professional assurance. The anticipated experience for the reader is a healing journey into a confident future. These titles, as a set, would be a very valuable pastoral resource for any caring Christian." - the Association of Christian Writers
  • Jennifer Minney

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    This book grabbed my attention from the first page, and was a delight to read from cover to cover. A real gem. Jennifer Minney covered all aspects of anger.... an amazing journey through to managing anger, handling confrontation, teaching control, identifying causes, and expressing anger appropriately. A great little manual and a good read.

    - Association of Christian Counsellors


Beyond Anger Growing into Calm