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Best Cat in the World

Author(s): John Henry Newman

ISBN13: 9780802852526

ISBN10: 0802852521


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  • Even the best cat in the world doesnt live forever, and Victor is very sad when his beloved cat, Charlie, dies. His mother suggests getting a new cat, but Victor isnt so sure. Finally, when the vet tells Victor she has another cat that really needs a home, Victor agrees to give the new cat a chance. But the new cat, Shelley, isnt like Charlie. She doesnt look like Charlie, or act like Charlie, or like to do the things Charlie used to do. With all these differences, is there any chance that Victor can learn to accept and love Shelley? Leslea Newmans gentle story honors the full range of a childs feelings after losing a favorite pet, while Ron Himlers soft pencil and watercolor illustrations capture Victors poignant emotions as well as the playful antics of his new kitten.

  • John Henry Newman

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Best Cat in the World