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Beginnings and Endings

A Lent Study Book

Author(s): Nick Fawcett

ISBN13: 9781844174911

ISBN10: 1844174913


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  • Christian discipleship, it is often observed, is not so much a destination as a journey, a lifelong pilgrimage in which we daily travel from the old to the new. But what does that mean in practise, and in what does it apply to Lent? Nick Fawcett explores such questions through three sets of paired themes: putting off the old self and putting on the new; giving something up and taking something on; and, finally, celebrating what God has done and all he has yet to do. Complemented by carefully chosen music, this CD offers a rewarding yet challenging perspective on Lent in which endings are matched by new beginnings ó our past balanced by Gods future.

  • Nick Fawcett

    What difference does being a Christian make to your life and what difference should it make?In Spot the Difference, Nick Fawcett considers five ways in which commitment should manifest itself: in a quality of love, a spontaneity of witness, a disposition of joy, a generosity of spirit and a vibrant inner faith.The five sessions in this group study course for Lent are: • A love that shows
    • An allegiance that shows
    • A joy that shows
    • A concern that shows
    • A faith that showsEach session contains: Setting the scene, Exploring the Scriptures, Activities, Enlarging the picture, and Food for thought.ABOUT THE AUTHORDespite wrestling with a speech impediment throughout his formative years, Nick Fawcett responded to the call to ministry, studying at Bristol and Oxford universities before spending thirteen happy years in the Baptist ministry, first in Leigh, Lancashire and then in Cheltenham, after which he went on to serve for three years as a chaplain with the national charity Toc H.While few would have dreamt he had ever struggled with speech, for Nick it was still an issue beneath the surface, prompting him eventually to explore a new form of ministry: that of the written word. He has been writing now for six years, during which time he has published numerous books reaching an audience many hundred time greater than was possible while in the pastoral ministry; this, in his own words, testimony to the way God so often moves in mysterious ways.Alongside his writing, Nick works for a variety of publishers as a freelance editor, proofreader and indexer. He lives in Wellington, Somerset, with his wife Deborah and two children, Samuel aged eleven and Kate aged five.

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Beginnings and Endings

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