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Beginners Guide to Forgiveness CD

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    Forgiveness is possible. On The Beginners Guide to Forgiveness, author Jack Kornfield explores why forgiveness, personally and globally, is essential to our health and happiness, and how you can start using this timeless practice to transform emotional wounds into healing and understanding. Drawing from his background in meditation and psychology, Kornfield reveals the path to forgiveness and the way out of our pain. Once you understand your own suffering, he says, compassion arises naturally, so you can extend it to others as well as yourself. With guided meditations and insights from the worlds wisdom teachings, Kornfield shows how forgiveness can be practiced as a gift we give, not only to others, but ultimately to ourselves.


    How forgiveness and compassion are possible in situations of suffering
    How forgiveness can be coupled with strength and self-protection
    The practices that lead to forgiveness of yourself and others
    Includes guided meditations

  • Jack Kornfield

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Beginners Guide to Forgiveness CD

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