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Before You Were Born, 2nd Edition

Author(s): Joan Lowery Nixon

ISBN13: 9781592762194

ISBN10: 1592762190


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  • Introduce your child to the miracle of life through a loving lesson, with God as its foundation.

    Poetic phrases teach the stages of development in the womb with age-appropriate accuracy. Children will delight in learning what their heartbeat sounded like, when their eyelashes formed, and how their hiccups felt to Mom.

    Before You Were Born is more than biology, however. With carefully chosen words and simple logic, it presents the truth about life at its conception: At that moment, each child already has been formed, known, and loved by God.

    This important message is wrapped in a tender tale your child will want to hear again and again. Teach your child right from the start the value of life as it develops in the womb ... and continues developing beyond. Snuggle up and share this amazing story that imparts reverence, respect, and joy for what God has created.
  • Joan Lowery Nixon

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Before You Were Born, 2nd Edition

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