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Because We Love Them

Fostering a Christian Sexuality in Our Children

ISBN13: 9781893732858

ISBN10: 1893732851

Publisher: sorin books

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  • An often difficult subject for parents is their childrens understanding of sexuality - parents want to keep kids pure and innocent for as long as they can. Its hard to know how to talk about sexuality with them when the time comes, especially from a Christian point of view. Parents are often unsure: When is the right time? How should I begin? What if they dont listen? What does God say?

    Drawing from years of experience as both a parent and teen counselor, Sheree Havlik can help. She reminds parents that they must raise their children to share their Christian approach to sexuality and all that this encompasses. In a friendly, conversational style, Havlik convinces parents that they can be their childrens primary source of information on sexuality. With understanding, Havlik helps parents relax and find their own answers to the questions of when and how. Parents already know why: Because we love them.
  • Sheree Whitters Havlik

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Because We Love Them

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