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Beat the Blues Before They Beat You

Author(s): Robert L. Leahy

ISBN13: 9781848503335

ISBN10: 1848503334

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  • Do you feel plagued by negative thoughts about yourself, overwhelmed by loneliness, paralysed by a fear of failure? If so, you're not alone. The good news is that with effective treatment you can overcome depression - and once you do, you will be better equipped to prevent its recurrence. In this new book world-renowned cognitive therapist and bestselling author Robert Leahy shows how you can alleviate the effects of major depressive disorders. Inside you'll learn how to: change your attitude and banish unpleasant, intrusive thoughts; redefine your experience through mindful-awareness practices; and, develop self-confidence and defeat feelings of fatigue, hopelessness and worthlessness. "Beat the Blues Before They Beat You" is a collection of the most powerful tools in cognitive therapy to help you curb your thoughts and behaviours, so you can begin to feel good again.

  • Robert L. Leahy

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Beat the Blues Before They Beat You

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