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Be Thou My Breastplate

Author(s): Paul Wallis

ISBN13: 9781906286194

ISBN10: 1906286191


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  • This meditative title offers a 40-day reflection on The Breastplate of St Fursa. Circling each verse, it expertly draws on fresh insights gained from Celtic spirituality and applies its context to the reader. The title is taken from the "hymn Be Thou My Vision", a famous reworking of the most familiar of all the ancient Celtic Breastplate Prayers, the Breastplate of St Patrick. This book draws upon the seventh century "Breastplate of Saint Fursa". History doesnt go into great detail in its record of Fursas life and Be thou my breastplate doesnt pretend otherwise.The text takes what is known of his story and reflects on his prayer in daily bite-size pieces. Each brief chapter unpacks and applies the prayers contents for the reader, drawing out the fresh insights and profound challenges that come from encountering a Christian brother from another world. Though written in a disarming format and with gentle tone, the text is not without grit and guts, nor without an edge, coming as it does from a seemingly familiar yet quite foreign form of the Christian faith: the Celtic way of giving oneself to God, and invoking Gods blessing and protection on the one offering the prayer.

  • Paul Wallis

    SJim Wallis is Executive Director of Sojourners and Convener of Call to Renewal, a faith-based movement to overcome poverty based in Washington, D.C. Joyce Hollyday, who lives in Asheville, North Carolina, is a former associate editor of Sojourners, and currently an Associate Conference Minister in the United Church of Christ. Her most recent book is Clarence Jordan: Essential Writings.

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Be Thou My Breastplate

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