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Basil Hume: Ten Years On

Author(s): William Charles

ISBN13: 9780826439413

ISBN10: 0826439411


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  • Cardinal Hume was a much loved man. Those who met him know why they found him lovable. This very personal book seeks to show and to explain to those who did not meet him why he was so much loved. Those who met him may also learn and understand more about their old friend. Chapters are by a variety of different people almost all of whom knew him very well indeed and have never until now written about the Cardinal. They show the warmth and humanity, the charm and humour and, above all, the deep spirituality of the man.

    There are delightful, entertaining stories never previously told, and pieces of material never previously published, including his own notes at the back of his prayerbook, and the last words he said to his fellow monks as he left his monastery to become Archbishop of Westminster. The Cardinals life was not always an easy one. The book does not hide the personal challenges and difficulties he faced at different periods in his life, but shows that at the end, despite sometimes experiencing depression as he faced the problems of old age and failing health, he found peace and grace. A monk at Ampleforth who was his contemporary and knew him very well said of this book: it is like meeting him again.

  • William Charles

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Basil Hume: Ten Years On

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