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Basic Evangelisation: Guidelines for Catholics

Author(s): Pat Collins

ISBN13: 9781856076968

ISBN10: 1856076962


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  • Addressing the bishops, Pope Benedict XVI said in par 12 of his Pastoral Letter to The Catholics of Ireland, that the laity should be `formed in such a way that they can offer an articulate and convincing account of the gospel in the midst of modern society. The recent decline of belief and practice urgently requires a new evangelisation, one that will bring the unchurched and unbelievers into a liberating experience of the free gift of Gods merciful love as manifested in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

    Basic Evangelisation looks at the cultural context in which this task is conducted, its essential content, and the practical ways in which it can be carried out. These detailed guidelines will be helpful to

    - Churchgoers who want to deepen and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ.
    - Believers who want to respond to the calls of Christ and the church to evangelise those who do not yet enjoy a personal relationship with the Lord.
    - Catholics who want to share their faith with family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers.
    - Those involved in groups that evangelise at a diocesan or parish level. People attending courses on evangelisation, or schools of evangelisation.

    As the first Irish book of its kind, Basic Evangelisation, will be an invaluable resource for anyone who prays for a new springtime of holiness and apostolic zeal in Ireland.

  • Pat Collins

    Pat Collins CM, an Irish Vincentian, lectures on spirituality and the psychology of religion in Dublin, and is author of numerous books.

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Basic Evangelisation: Guidelines for Catholics

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