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Baptizing Harry Potter

Author(s): Luke Bell

ISBN13: 9781587680588

ISBN10: 1587680580


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  • Baptizing Harry Potter offers a monks take on the Harry Potter series. The intricate pattern of J. K. Rowlings surprisingly mystical tale is traced and her magical world and understanding of good and evil are shown to be a rich source of spiritual and Christian teaching.

    This unique presentation and illuminating reading of this beloved series draw out and explicate spiritual and biblical connections. Symbols and allusions in the Harry Potter series are considered in light of the death and resurrection of Christ, along with the pain and grief that death brings and the hope of which the Bible speaks. The author elucidates the values that Harry learns at Hogwarts , values that contrast the vulnerability of love and sacrifice with Voldemorts ignorant and self-defeating pursuit of power.

    Parents, teacher, religious educators, enthusiastic readers, and movie fans of the Harry Potter series will appreciate this richly referenced, finely written, and insightful Christian reading of J. K. Rowling.

  • Luke Bell

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Baptizing Harry Potter