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Prayers for Sleepless Nights

ISBN13: 9780879464059

ISBN10: 0879464054


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  • The prayers in Prayers for Sleepless Nights are words of friendship, of companionship with God. They are not intended as sleep aids - although it would be nice if it worked out that way! Rather, they are intended to be possibilities for you to make use of your wakeful times and wandering thoughts. After all, you are awake. God is awake. And God is there for you. , From the Introduction

    Many of us have been there: Those long, cold nights where our minds just refuse to let us drift off into the comfort of sleep. Instead the pressures and stresses of our daily lives intrude upon the time when we are supposed to be most comfortable. While Prayers for Sleepless Nights may not help readers actually fall asleep, it will give them a framework to do something constructive: create a personal relationship with God.

    Each general topic in Prayers for Sleepless Nights contains three or four prayers on specific issues. A Scripture quote provides an opportunity for reflection on the topic, and then readers are given space to turn their reflections into their own prayers to help them through the dark hours of the night, an informal part of their conversations with God.

    Topics include:
    Bills, Bread and Boundaries
    Resentment and Anger

  • Helen Reichert Lambin

    Helen Reichert Lambin grew up in Iowa, which will always be a part of her, but has lived in the Second City for decades. It was here that she met her beloved husband, Henry Lambin, now deceased, the inspiration for the book, Death of a Husband. She has been wife, mother of three (Joe. Rosemary, and Jeanne), mother-in-law or almost (Suzette, Skip and Scott), and grandmother of one, Jessica. She has also been pet companion, and writer (all willingly), worker (willingly and otherwise), and widow (very unwillingly). The worker part has included secretarial, copywriter, casework, program coordinator/event planner, and occasional film extra. Her writings have centered on loss and transition during times of difficulty and change. This is probably because she would like to find some salvage value in experiences she’d much rather not have. In addition to Death of a Husband, Helen is the author of short articles on transition and loss, baseball, and travel, and the books From Grief to Grace and Prayers for Sleepless Night. And she spends a lot of time awake.

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Prayers for Sleepless Nights

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