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Glory and Grace

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  • Glory and Grace is the superb new inspirational Gospel album from James Kilbane. Many are aware of James Kilbane's wide taste in music. Over the past eight years James has grown musically and continues to work to understand and to please audiences with his music releases. This dedication to his music and faith has led him to take chances in his career, by diversifying in his music recordings. Kilbane's courage to diversify has helped sustain him, but it has also varied Gospel and Inspirational music available in Ireland.


    Over the years James has recorded music from Gospel, Christmas, Country, Irish and many other popular songs in his own unique style that continues to grow with him. Glory and Grace, is yet another winner with a total of fifteen inspirational songs, rich in many all time Gospel favorites as 'In The Garden' to 'Blessed Assurance' alongside several more recent Christian classics as 'Holy Is His Name' and 'Because He Lives'. All songs were chosen by James following his experiences while traveling and his work with different Christian traditions. The fifteen tracks included display once again a different musical direction for him. In Glory and Grace James combines the diverse genres of Country Gospel, Celtic World and Classical music. These styles are brought together by the influences on James of other music producers' who by their own life experiences and work have inspired James in creating his own musical paths. James also builds on the experience he has gained from his own previous album successes.


    Glory and Grace presents us with an outstanding album that many will listen to more than once and will be a cherished work for a long time to come. Glory and Grace will be be available at internet shops as Amazon and for download from iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster.



    1. Because He lives



    2. Make Me a Channel Of your Peace



    3. Holy Is His Name



    4. I Watch The Sunrise



    5. Blessed Assurance
    6. Love Is His Word, Love Is His Way
    7. When Creation Was Begun



    8. There Is A Place ( A Time To Remember)
    9. Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus
    10. Lady Of Knock
    11. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus


    12. Oh The Love Of My Lord Is The Essence
    13. Abide With Me
    14. In The Garden
    15. Lord Of All Hopefulness




    1. Because He Lives.

    2. Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace.

    3. Holy Is His Name. (The Magnificat)

    4. I Watch The Sunrise.

    5. Blessed Assurance.

    6. Love Is His Word, Love Is His Way.

    7. When Creation Was Begun.

    8. There Is A Place. (A Time To Remember)

    9. 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus.


    10. Lady Of Knock.


    There were people of all ages

    gathered 'round the gable wall

    poor and humble men and women,

    little children that you called


    We are gathered here before you

    and our hearts are just the same

    filled with joy at such a vision

    as we praise your name



    Golden Rose, Queen of Ireland

    all my cares and troubles cease

    as I kneel with love before you

    Lady of Knock, my Queen of Peace


    Though your message was unspoken

    still the truth in silence lies

    as we gaze upon your vision,

    and the truth I try to find


    Here I stand with John the teacher,

    and with Joseph at your side

    and I see the Lamb of God

    on the Altar glorified

    Golden Rose, Queen of Ireland

    all my cares and troubles cease

    as I kneel with love before you

    Lady of Knock, my Queen of Peace


    And the Lamb will conquer

    and the woman clothed in the sun


    11. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. (The Heavenly Vision)

    12. Oh The Love Of My Lord Is The Essence.

    13. Abide With Me.

    14. In The Garden.

    15. Lord Of All Hopefulness.

  • James Kilbane

    James Kilbane was born in London, England in 1970, and in his childhood he returned to the tranquil Achill Island, Mayo, Ireland. James married his teenage love, Christina in 1989 and their family home is on Achill with their teenage children Diana and Daniel.


    James in his first 37 years has had an exceptional life to date. From a child, he struggled with learning difficulties, which he overcame and went on to study and earn two qualifications, one in Business and the second a Degree in Heritage studies. However James' singing was his earliest career, started at the age of seven when he gave his first solo performance in his local choir. James then started competing in singing competitions form the age of ten, winning many County titles.


    Having been a member of several choirs and bands throughout his teenage years, James eventually became lead singer with his own band "Dollar Brand" until his success in the hit TV show You're A Star. You're A Star is the Irish version of American Idol, Pop Idol or X Factor. In this Irish television series, there were thousands of entrants from Ireland, America and England. After five months of television performances, James with his unique and incredible voice went all the way to the final where week after week he won the hearts of his nation.

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Glory and Grace

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