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Pillar I: The Creed - Study Set with Binder

Author(s): Sean Innerst

ISBN13: 9781935940388

ISBN10: 1935940384

Publisher: Ascension Press (1 Oct 2012)

Extent: 188 pages

Binding: Hardcover Binder

Size: 28.4 x 25.9 x 4.1 cm

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  • This Creed is a 12-part study that guides participants through the first of the four Pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Pillar I: The Creed provides the foundation needed to begin the four-part journey through the complete Pillars series. The Creed opens up the structure of the Catechism and shows how it is far more than a list of “faith facts,” but instead a sure map for their journey of faith. For group or private study.


    Your Group Will:


    - Learn why the Catechism should be treated less like a fact book and more like a roadmap for our faith journey

     - Learn what Gods "innermost secret" is and how were called to participate in it
     - See that our journey of faith is one from "Blessing to Blessing," that the God who made us wills that we return to him
     - Discover how the Catechism can be seen as a new catechesis for the New Evangelization
     - Learn how what we believe emerges from the living story of salvation history
     - Discover the role the angels play in aiding our salvation, and how they are truly present to us...and much more!


    This beautifully designed Binder contains all the written material a participant needs to complete the 12-part study.


    Each session includes an overview of the lesson, assigned Catechism readings, Group Discussion questions and more.


    This Binder is designed to be used in conjunction with the Pillar I: The Creed DVD or CD Set.


  • Sean Innerst

    Dr. Sean Innerst teaches theology and catechetics at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary and at the Augustine Institute in Denver. He is the author of From Blessing to Blessing, which outlines the catechetical principles on which the Pillars program is based. He resides with his wife, Cathy, and their children in Denver, Colorado.

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    It was totally outstanding... In every lecture, he gave us insights that I don’t think any of us had ever heard before about the Catechism ... I thought that Sean was just an amazing presenter.


     - Colleen Lum Lung

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Pillar I: The Creed - Study Set with Binder

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