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Carole Hamilton

Carole Hamilton has been a magazine journalist for over 20 years. She started her career writing and styling hair and beauty features for magazines such as Woman, Woman's Own, Essentials, Me, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Looks and More. Most recently Carole spent over 13 years as the editor of You & Your Wedding, the UK's best-read wedding magazine.

Carole is something of an expert on the modern wedding. As editor of You & Your Wedding she regularly appeared on TV and radio commenting on the many issues that surround planning a dream wedding (often with a down-to-earth budget!). She was instrumental in the launch of in 2006 which has gone on to host the hottest wedding chat room in the UK.

Currently a freelance writer and editor, Carole has just completed her 6th book on weddings.

- The Sublime Wedding (Collins & Brown)
- You & Your Wedding, The Bride's Book (Foulsham)
- You & Your Wedding, The Wedding Planner (Foulsham)
- You & Your Wedding, Vows, Readings & Music (Foulsham)
- Wedding Speeches and Toasts (Ryland, Peters & Small)
- Beautiful Weddings (Ryland, Peters & Small)

And just in case you're interested, Carole has been happily married for nearly 14 years. She and husband Nick got married on the beach in Mauritius having known each other for just a few months (and they met through a lonely hearts ad!)

Most likely to say:

Planning a beautiful wedding is possible with just about any budget, all it takes is a little creativity and a lot of hard work. And throughout the many highs and lows of getting up the aisle, never forget why you're getting married - guests won't remember the flowers but they will remember your happy, smiling face!

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