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Dawn Eden

Dawn Eden is the bestselling author of The Thrill of the Chaste: Finding Fulfillment While Keeping Your Clothes On, which is in its eleventh printing and has been translated into Spanish, Polish, and Chinese. Although born into a Jewish family in New York City, she lost her faith as a teenager and became an agnostic. During her twenties, in the 1990s, she worked as a rock journalist, interviewing bands for magazines and appearing as a music expert on TV’s FX Network. Eden went on to work for New York City newspapers, including the New York Post and the Daily News.


At age thirty-one, she experienced a dramatic conversion to Christianity that eventually led her to enter the Catholic Church. Currently living in Washington, DC, Eden received a master’s degree in theology from the Dominican House of Studies in 2010 and is studying toward a doctorate. She has spoken about chastity and conversion to thousands of college students and young adults throughout North America and abroad.


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