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In Search of Truth

Journeys of Nineteenth Century Irish Dominican Wom

Author(s): Maura Duggan

ISBN13: 9781905487363

ISBN10: 1905487363


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  • This vast, well illustrated book, tells the story of nineteenth century Irish Dominican women, from their early days in Galway, to their time of near extinction in the 18oos. The move to Cabra in 1819 eventually brought a change in their fortunes; development and expansion at home and overseas, but the move also brought division, and challenges to their identity as Dominicans.

    We are given an insight into the nuns internal difficulties, their liberal spirit on the one hand, their conservatism on the other. Not least, the search of these women for authentic Dominican living, their search for union and communion with their various foundations is thoroughly researched and graphically told.

  • Maura Duggan

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In Search of Truth

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