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If It Were Just Cancer

Author(s): Janette Byrne

ISBN13: 9781853909795

ISBN10: 1853909793

Publisher: Veritas

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  • If It Were Just Cancer: A Battle for Dignity and Life is an honest and real account of how cancer patients suffer in the Ireland of today, an Ireland awash with money but without a heart. It is the storyt of Janette Byrnes time spent battling not just cancer but also the dirt and the filth of an Irish hospital; not just the disease and the treatment but also the failing Health System, which denied her a bed and made it impossible for her to receive chemotherapy. Some days fighting cancer seemed the easier battle.

    Written in the style of a journal, If It Were Only Cancer: A Battle for Dignity and Life sometimes screams in anger and other times relents in hopelessness. Throughout this story many patients die, and how some of
    these brave people spend their final months should be an embarrassment to our nation.

    Janette writes not for financial gain, not for recognition, but so no one can ever say, We didnt know. We didnt realise how bad it is! She tells her story hoping to inspire a vocal revolution, a roar of people power. We must all take responsibility for what continues to happen in our hospitals, time and time again.
  • Janette Byrne

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    Janette Byrne was a normal office worker who was catapulted into the national limelight three years ago when, having been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, she led a campaign to get more beds in our cancer wards. At a time of great physical weakness, she found the strength to highlight the conditions she witnessed in our hospitals. Now, Janette has written a searing account of her battle against cancer and her campaign for a better health service. It will make you cry, and laugh. It is truly the most detailed and honest medical record file you will ever read.

    - The Irish Mail, August 2006

    Memories of the cancer patient ward where moments of acute sadness, despair and fleeting occasions of laughter were shared, remain to the fore of one of Irelands best-known health campaigners daily thoughts... As the full-time voluntary spokeswoman for the lobby group, Patients Together, Byrne is something of a celebrity within Ireland s hospital wards. Famed for wanting to inspire vocal revolution about the state of Ireland s health care system, she has turned a private journal recounting her battle with cancer and the infinite struggle with the health system into a book in memory of those no longer alive to recount their personal stories.

    - The Irish Times, September 2006

    Janette Byrne used to laugh and cry with the girls who shared beds beside her in the cancer ward. The bond formed between a group of women who are all scared of dying and trying to fight for life is like no other friendship... "When you are on a cancer ward with the girls there are no pretensions between you. We talked about our kids and our families and how we felt about death...Today I live. Three years on and I feel more like myself now but when I speak to someone on the phone who has been through hell because of our health system it makes me so angry...I will always fight to change it because the madness has to stop."

    - The Sunday World, August 2006

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If It Were Just Cancer

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