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Paul N. Anderson

Having been raised in Colombia, Ecuador, and Dominican Republic, where my father worked in cultural affairs, I've always welcomed alternative ways to look at things. When reflecting on the Gospel of John's theological tensions, I've wondered how they came to be the way they are presented. When thinking about historical Jesus studies, I've questioned why they have programmatically omitted the one Gospel that claims direct contact with Jesus (John, that is).


When looking at conflict in the world today, I've imagined what it would be like to take problem-solving seriously, in non-violent and discerning ways. My writings reflect these types of interests, and I welcome input from all sides.


All truth is liberating, and any discipline that furthers our inquiry into the truth can be serviceable in its being sought. I have served in pastoral ministry among Friends and have taught at George Fox University since 1989 (other than teaching one year at Yale Divinity School, 1998-1999). My calling is to pursue the truth, and in that quest I am deeply indebted to fellow pilgrims along the way. Thank you for joining me in that quest!


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