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Assist Our Song

Author(s): Carol Hathorne

ISBN13: 9781841014463

ISBN10: 184101446X


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  • A recent ITV poll states that as many as one in three British people believes in angels. There is a widespread fascination with the idea of guardian angels and helpful strangers offering divine intervention. In this absorbing book, Carol Hathorne considers what the Bible has to say about angels and the many roles they perform, from messengers to ministers. She also shares a host of angelic experiences gathered from her work as an assistant minister in the West Midlands.

  • Carol Hathorne

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    Carol Hathorne has managed to weave the ancient stories of angelic biblical messengers with wonderfully acceptable present day encounters. This is a thrilling and absorbing book which highlights the never-ending desire of God to communicate with his people. Even the most sceptical amongst us must acknowledge that the encounters described here have life changing qualities just as Abraham, Jacob and many others experienced many years ago. The protective guardian angel of our childhood is given substance and meaning and a hope that all our comings and goings are still blessed with an unseen presence.

    - Magnet - Winter 2006, Jennifer Rees Larcombe


Assist Our Song

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