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As Morning Breaks and Evening Sets


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  • With love and faith, the tradition of our Church is passed from generation to generation. As Morning Breaks and Evening Sets introduces young people to the biblical form of prayer known as the Liturgy of the Hours.

    From the hands of three of todays top liturgical composers, Tony Alonso, Michael Mahler, and Lori True, this recording and music collection offer seventeen wonderful new contemporary settings of psalms, canticles, and hymns for Morning and Evening Prayer.

    The music in this collection corresponds to the book, As Morning Breaks and Evening Sets: Liturgical Prayer Services for Ordinary and Extraordinary Events in the Lives of Young People, by Tony Alonso, Laurie Delgatto, and Robert Feduccia, published by St. Marys Press. This book is filled with simple yet profound prayer experiences that speak to the everyday lives of young people.

    'We Arise'(MAHLER)
    'Fresh as the Morning' (ALONSO)
    Psalm 63: 'Let Us Sing!' (TRUE)
    Canticle of Zachary: 'The Rising Sun' (ALONSO)
    Psalm 138: 'You Answered Me' (ALONSO)
    Psalm 27: 'The Lord Is My Light' (MAHLER)
    Psalm 121: 'You the Source and Maker' (TRUE)
    Psalm 40: 'Here I Am' (ALONSO)
    Psalm 51: 'Create in Me' (MAHLER)
    Psalm 66: 'Cry Out with Joy and Gladness' (TRUE)
    Psalm 131: 'I Have Found My Peace' (ALONSO)
    Psalm 8: 'How Great Is Your Name' (MAHLER)
    Evening Hymns: 'Let Evening Fall' (ALONSO),
    'Stay with Us, Lord' (TRUE)
    Psalm 141: 'Like Burning Incense' (TRUE)
    Canticle of Mary: 'Magnificat' (TRUE)
    Canticle of Simeon: 'Lord, Let Your Servant Go in Peace' (MAHLER).

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    For many Roman Catholics, mentioning the Liturgy of the Hours might conjure up images of robed monks chanting in a far-off monastery. The most familiar communal prayer to most of us is Sunday Eucharist, the very source of our Catholic identity. This may be the only liturgical prayer some Catholics experience in their lives. But the Liturgy of the Hours is the daily prayer of the whole Church. In its balance of ritual and simplicity, song and silence, it forms us in what it means to pray regularly as a community and it prepares us for Sunday Eucharist.
    The music contained in this collection was composed as a companion to As Morning Breaks and Evening Sets: Liturgical Prayer Services for Ordinary and Extraordinary Events in the Lives of Young People (G-6514, published by St. Marys Press and available through GIA). This prayer service manual is a tool for unearthing, dusting off, and tapping into the treasures of the Liturgy of the Hours-but in ways that are contemporary in style and relevant to young people. For youth ministers and music directors, this resource can be a helpful tool in planning liturgical prayer services for regular youth gatherings.
    However, the music in this collection also stands on its own as a resource for any community-regardless of age-that celebrates the Liturgy of the Hours. This collection offers contemporary settings of hymns, psalms and canticles that may be difficult to find elsewhere. The settings are accessible to groups of varying resources and instrumentation. A recording of all of the songs contained in this collection is also available (CD-609) and may be helpful in demonstrating performance possibilities.
    Special thanks to Laurie Delgatto and Robert Feduccia who collaborated on the prayer manual that is the basis for this project for their many insights and unwavering belief in the depth and maturity of young people. Thank you to all of the people at Saint Marys Press and GIA Publications for their support of this project, as well as for their continued commitment to quality resources for young people and their leaders. Thanks especially to Kelly Dobbs-Mickus, Laura Dankler, Monica Thorson, Michael Cymbala, Bob Batastini, and Alec Harris. Thanks to the young people and team members of Music Ministry Alive for whom much of this music was conceived. Finally, thanks to Michael Mahler and Lori True for their fine contributions to this resource.

    -Tony Alonso

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As Morning Breaks and Evening Sets

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