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As It Was In the Beginning

The Coming Democratisation for the Church

Author(s): Robert Mcclory

ISBN13: 9780824524197

ISBN10: 0824524195


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  • Many assume the Catholic Church has always functioned with a top-down leadership model. But in this well-researched book, Robert McClory reveals that there have been long periods where lay people were consulted and had strong, leading voices. McClory also explains that a decentralized Chruch is around the corner and is inevitable. The books helps readers read the signs of the times to identify what is to come for the worlds longest running corporation.
  • Robert Mcclory

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    McClory (journalism, emeritus, Northwestern Univ.), who resigned from the priesthood in 1970, has published numerous articles (in the National Catholic Reporter , the Chicago Tribune, U.S. Catholic , and elsewhere) and several books on contemporary social issues debated within the Roman Catholic Church. Here, he handily documents lay movements developed since the 1960s and Vatican II to transition ...
    More within the church from the traditional top-down leadership model toward a system of collaborative decision making. He recalls historical church councils and cites authorities such as Cyprian, third-century bishop of Carthage, who urged decisions to be made with the consent of the people, and 19th-century philosopher John Henry Cardinal Newman, who stressed the need for incorporating the sense and agreement of the faithful in matters of doctrine. He further documents the consequences of papal emphasis on ecumenism and the principle of subsidiarity, the growth of lay influence, and priest abuse scandals. Overall, McClory feels the time is now for a more democratized church. Recommended for public, academic, and religious collections.

    - Anna M. Donnelly, Library Journal


As It Was In the Beginning

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