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Artfully Teaching the Faith

Author(s): Steven Kellmeyer

ISBN13: 9780971812871

ISBN10: 097181287X

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • Seventeen masterpieces of medieval and Renaissance art are matched to sixteen crucial doctrines of the Catholic Church. A short, clear discussion shows how each masterpiece illuminates its matching doctrine. Discover how each Catholic artist visually embedded Catholic doctrines in the works under study!

    Catholic masterpieces include:
    Leonardo da Vinci - Madonna of the Rocks, The Last Supper
    Fra Angelico - The Annunciation
    Michelangelo - Creation of Adam, Last Judgement
    Caravaggio - Crucifixion of Peter
    Bouguereau - Veirges Aux Anges
    H.O. Tanner - Annunciation
    Perugino - Christ gives Peter the Keys
    Reni - Matthew Inspired by an Angel
    Rublev - Icon of the Trinity
    God - Our Lady of Guadelupe
    David - Baptism of Christ, Wedding at Cana, Rest on the Flight into Egypt
    Raphael - Disputation on the Eucharist, Transfiguration

    Quickly gain an appreciation and an appetite for teaching the Faith in the most beautiful way possible, using beauty itself!

  • Steven Kellmeyer

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Artfully Teaching the Faith

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