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Are You Tired and Wired?

Author(s): Marcelle Pick

ISBN13: 9781848504523

ISBN10: 1848504527

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  • Do you wake up every morning feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed? Are you constantly reaching for coffee, soft drinks or some other promise of energy just to keep yourself going? Do you struggle through the day - tired, irritable, forgetful, depressed and craving sweets - only to have trouble sleeping at night? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions - you're not alone. In fact, hundreds of thousands of women are fighting these same feelings as they strive to live the lives they want. In "Are You Tired and Wired?, Marcelle Pick, author of "The Core Balance Diet", gives you the knowledge and tools to overcome this epidemic of fatigue.


    You can discover the hidden epidemic of adrenal dysfunction that is the root cause of major health problem. You can find out why the modern world causes our adrenal glands to become overloaded and the simple plan that breaks free from this dangerous pattern. You can enjoy easy diet and lifestyle changes in a clear, easy-to-follow formula that will see you regain your natural energy and live a happier and less-stressed life.

  • Marcelle Pick

    Marcelle Pick co-founded Women to Women clinic with a vision to change women's health care, using a holistic approach that not only treats illness but also helps women make life choices to prevent disease. Certified as a nurse practitioner for both obstetrics and gynaecology and pediatrics, she has served as medical advisor to Healthy Living magazine, lectures on a variety of topics, and appears regularly on television to discuss women's health. She is also the author of The Core Balance Diet.

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Are You Tired and Wired?

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