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Apocalypse When?

Why We Want to Believe There Will Be No Tomorrow

Author(s): Ted Harrison

ISBN13: 9780232529098

ISBN10: 0232529094

Publisher: Darton, Longman & Todd

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  • The world will end in December 2012 – if the proponents of the Mayan Calendar theory are correct. There is nothing new about End-time alarms: the ancient astrologers lived in a perpetual state of expectation, and over the last two thousand years there have been at least fifty major prophecies and panics. Even science contributes to the doomsday scenarios, such as the Y2K bug, the Hadron collider and global warming.


    In Apocalypse When? Ted Harrison asks why it is that we are so determined to forecast The End. Why do many people prefer to think of the world ending in a single dramatic event than simply fading away over millions of years? Is it a way of not taking responsibility for the injustices of here and now?

  • Ted Harrison

    Ted Harrison has written many books on a variety of subjects, including the spiritualities behind the cults of Diana and Elvis. His research on End-time prophecies saw him invited on to a Radio 4 Today debate and a News 24 television interview to discuss the Harold Camping apocalypse.

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Apocalypse When?

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