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National Gallery Pocket Guide

Author(s): Erika Langmuir

ISBN13: 9780300079234

ISBN10: 0300079230


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  • This original Pocket Guide examines the presence and surprisingly complicated history of angels in Christian art. Erika Langmuir points out that angels need not be winged; they can wear antique dress, contemporary church vestments, secular fashions, armor, or nothing at all; their gender and age are uncertain; they may not even have bodies but appear only as winged heads; and they are not always good (Satan, of course, is a fallen angel). Langmuir explores these intriguing characteristics of angels by looking at some of the best-known and most engaging religious paintings in the Western tradition.

  • Erika Langmuir

    Erika Langmuir, formerly head of education at the National Gallery, is author of several other National Gallery books.

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