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Angels Calling: 50 Invitations to Empower Yourself

Author(s): Anselm Gruen

ISBN13: 9780824525712


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  • This inspirational guide explores angel qualities and their meanings, rooting each in Western tradition and revealing how to apply them to modern life. A resource of comfort and strength, this valuable exploration addresses a wide array of concepts - from universal themes of love, community, and harmony to the encouraging qualities of confidence, enthusiasm, and endurance. Explaining the wisdom of old in a contemporary context, this fascinating analysis truly conveys the power of angels and reveals how humans can aspire to angelic behavior.

    75% of Americans believe in angels though different people hold very different ideas of what an angel is. Spiritual master and Benedictine monk, Fr. Anselm Gruen, has found a persuasive way to incorporate the ancient wisdom of angels with our modern striving for a happy, fulfilled life. He breaks open the powers that transform and help to meet the challenges of a changing world , the powers of angels: the angel of courage, the angel of patience, the angel of silence, the angel of cheer. This book has been translated into numerous languages and has sold millions of copies across the world.

  • Anselm Gruen

    Anselm Grün terminated his school years in 1964 with the A-level equivalent Abitur at the grammar school in Würzburg, Germany. In the same year he began as a novice at the nearby Benedictine Münsterschwarzach Abbey. From 1965 to 1971 he studied philosophy and theology at St. Ottilien Archabbey and in Rome. 1974 he made his PhD in theology having a focus on Karl Rahner. From 1974 to 1976 Anselm Grün studied Business in Nuremberg. His first book "Reinheit des Herzens" ("Pureness of heart") was published in 1976. More than 200 books followed and have sold about 14 million copies.

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Angels Calling: 50 Invitations to Empower Yourself

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