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Angel on my Shoulder vol. 1

The story of John Morgan

Author(s): Val Conlon

ISBN13: 9781872276014

ISBN10: 1872276016


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  • After his evening meal John Morgan had a favourite spot in his garden, where he sat and smoking his pipe peacefully and pondering life. At eighty-four years of age he had thought a lot about the meaning of life, of belief in God, and the existence of God.

    Then one fateful evening he felt a presence, he turned to look and to his astonsihment there was an angel standing at his shoulder.

    After getting over the shock and he began conversation with the angel, the angel told him he was his guardian angel, and had come to anser the questions left unanswered in his lifes search for belief in God.

    The angel visited John many times thereafter, and after each visit had finished, John wrote it all down in his notebooks.
  • Val Conlon

    Val Conlon is the founder of Divine Mercy Publications Ireland, and Divine mercy in Action (H.U.D.T).
    He lives in Dublin, Ireland.

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Angel on my Shoulder vol. 1

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