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Author(s): Sue Stauffacher

ISBN13: 9780802852038

ISBN10: 0802852033

Publisher: W.B.Eerdmans

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  • An angel helps a young child flowers from earth to bring along to heaven and helps the child understand which ones may be the most beloved in heaven.

    An uneducated shepherd learns that his simple prayers honor God as much as any scholars.

    An irrepressible acrobat whose antics displease the monks in the monastery receives a blessing from the Virgin Mary when he offers her his gift.

    These tales and more are included in The Angel and Other Stories. This collection of ten folktales with spiritual themes offers memorable examples of the wonder of faith, the power of kindness, and the breadth of Gods grace. The stories have been thoughtfully gathered and retold by Sue Stauffacher from such classic sources as Count Leo Tolstoy, Oscar Wilde, Hans Christian Anderson, Henri Pourrat, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. With luminous illustrations by Leonid Gore, The Angel and Other Stories would be a beautiful addition to any childs library.

  • Sue Stauffacher

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    Illustrated with Gores (Behold the Trees; Who Was Born This Special Day?) distinctive, ethereal mixed-media art and containing 10 stories adapted from Tolstoy, Oscar Wilde and different folktale traditions, this volume puts a sophisticated veneer on its central teachings about faith and grace. Scholars learn that true wisdom can come from the mouths of babes; angels discover the limitations of the human world and the boundlessness of Gods. The title entry retells Hans Christian Andersens famous tale about an angel who, while carrying a dead child to heaven, stops to gather the flower he himself had tended while a crippled boy on earth. The volume is probably best enjoyed in pieces, lest the didactic element overpower the storytelling; Stauffachers (Sgana, the Black Whale) adaptations do not always improve on existing translations. But Gores art consistently rewards readers. Using acrylics and pastels, he achieves almost diaphanous effects, diffusing light to evoke the otherworldly realm inhabited by Stauffachers divine beings. Gores earthly characters look less heroic here than in previous works; they are humbler and drawn with some comic touches. The particularly graceful cover illustration, of a child tenderly embraced by an angel, should lure readers. Ages 8-up.

    - Publishers Weekly

    Gr 3-7-A collection of 10 tales from writers such as Henri Pourrat, Micha Joseph bin Gorion, and the Brothers Grimm. Stauffacher has edited and embellished as necessary, and the result is a readable, inviting collection. Each story, appealing across religious lines, speaks of the power of Gods goodness and grace. Included are such favorites as Hans Christian Andersens "The Angel," Leo Tolstoys "Where Love Is, God Is Also," and Oscar Wildes "The Star Child." Twenty full-color, full-page illustrations in rich blues, greens, and yellows complement the mood of the selections. The large format encourages group sharing. A fine choice for reading aloud or for quiet meditation

    - School Library Journal



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