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American Cultural Baggage

Author(s): Stan Nussbaum

ISBN13: 9781570756252

ISBN10: 1570756252

Publisher: ORBIS BOOKS

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  • An outside-in look at American cultural peculiarities that helps Americans see ourselves as others see us - and vice versa.

    American Cultural Baggage lets both Americans and the rest of the world in on things most Americans dont know about themselves and their values and how those things are perceived by others. Americans will learn of the impression they make while others will gain insight into the curious tribal values of Americans.

    Contents include:
    The Ten Commandments of American Culture
    The Top Priority in American Life
    Self-Esteem and Fun
    Ways to Achieve Three Goals at Once
    Essentials for Achieving Any Goal
    The American View of Human Beings
    Loyalties, Groups and Families
    Fairness, Blame and Conflict
    Time and Change
    Hope and God

  • Stan Nussbaum

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    Uses proverbs and slang phrases as a way of exploring popular culture, which turns out to be a surprisingly fresh way of getting at ethical and cultural truths. Check out the proverbs on fun, time, and self-esteem for insights into some of the essentials of individualism and the quest for success and variety in life.

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American Cultural Baggage

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