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Already Within: Divining the Hidden Spring

4 CD Box Set

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  • Already Within: Divining the Hidden Spring is a collection of Daniel O'Leary's contributions to the Tablet. This cd set contains a summing up of the main items of his books and articles from the past and present. The emphasis that appeals to readers so much is that of realising the presence of God in the ordinary moments of their lives. Nothing goes to waste - every effort, every happening, every daily event, even mistakes and sins - all are part of the bigger story; all are safely harvested.
    All the cd’s begin with very real life-situations and then explores and discovers the compassionate presence of an incarnate and unconditionally-loving God at the heart of all our experiences.

    Daniel O'Leary Daniel O'Leary , is a priest and a teacher. He was Chair of the Religion Studies Department in St. Mary's University college, London before Being appointed Episcopal; Vicar for Christian formation in the Diocese of Leeds, Yorkshire. He currently gives conferences and retreats in England and Ireland. He is still finding it difficult to be an authentic human being.

  • Daniel O'Leary

    Daniel O’Leary, a priest of the Diocese of Leeds, is an author and speaker. As curate and parish priest, he has worked in parishes for almost thirty years. For another twenty he taught theology and religious education at St Mary’s University College in London. He writes for The Tablet and The Furrow. The main aim of his retreats, books and talks is to teach what is called the ‘sacramental imagination’, the vision of God’s incarnate presence everywhere which transforms our lives. Yet Daniel himself still struggles to be a free and authentic human being!

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Already Within: Divining the Hidden Spring

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