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Already Assembled

Author(s): Tony Bower

ISBN13: 9781844174881

ISBN10: 1844174883


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  • Excellent assembly outlines for grabbing and keeping attention.Inspiring resource for anyone who finds themselves leading a group of secondary school pupils.This book is for teachers, ministers and youth workers-or anyone else, for that matter-who find themselves standing in the privileged position of leading a group of secondary school pupils in an act of collective worship.

    Tony Bower has done it hundreds of times and has therefore learned-sometimes the painful way-what it takes to have an effective impact in the short space of time available.

    Whether you find taking assemblies daunting and difficult or breeze through them without batting an eyelid, these outlines offer some excellent suggestions for grabbing and keeping attention; for making an impact without being glib; and for communicating the word of God in a relevant way.Using a variety of methods, including monologues, quizzes, sketches and volunteers, Tony Bower has compiled yet another inspiring resource book.

  • Tony Bower

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Already Assembled

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