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Almost Every Answer for Practically Every Teacher

Author(s): Bruce Wilkenson

ISBN13: 9781590524534

ISBN10: 1590524535


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  • Questions? Answers. Teachers face the threat of burnout, the challenge of discipline, and the complexity of different learning styles. Heres your chance to get a firm grasp on every issue from A to Z This book contains 100 articles that provide insight, inspiration, and instruction for those who communicate Gods truth at school, home, church, or in the workplace. Edited by bestselling author Bruce Wilkinson, this is your resource for making a life-changing impact on your students. Includes articles by a variety of Christian leaders, from Charles Swindoll to Joni Eareckson Tada and A.W. Tozer. A

    n Indispensable Tool for Every Teacher Everyone who communicates Gods truth, whether at school, church, the home, or the workplace, can use a little guidance from the experts. Now this companion resource to "The 7 Laws of the Learner" presents the answers for the most common problems you will encounter when teaching for life change. Handpicked by bestselling author Bruce Wilkinson, these one hundred articles by some of the most revered Christian leaders will provide insight, inspiration, and instruction for the educational task at hand. Overcome burnout before it overcomes you. Know the dos and donts of discipline. Learn how incidental praise brings out the best in students. Accomplish life change by telling stories as you teach. Learn to use illustrations and applications so they work. Understand the purpose of the Holy Spirit in your teaching. Discover why students fail tests. Learn how to listen with genuine interest to your students. Become a teacher who disciples and mentors students.

    The story Behind the Book Bruce Wilkinson had received thousands of requests for a book about how people learn. Having taught teachers all over the world, he developed the Seven Laws as the basis of his teaching workshops. In 1991 he sat down to put this content into book form. Published originally as a partnership between Multnomah Publishers and Walk Thru the Bible Ministries, this companion workbook to" The 7 Laws of the Learner" was written in an effort to improve how teachers teach and how learners learn.
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Almost Every Answer for Practically Every Teacher

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