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AliveO 7 DVD

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  • Alive-O is a multimedia, interdisciplinary Religious Education programme for four to twelve year olds. The title Alive-O reflects one of the overriding concerns of religious education, namely, to enable people to become fully alive to the presence of God in themselves, in others, in the church, and in the world around them.

    It is based on sound educational and catechetical principles as outlined in the General
    Directory for Catechesis. It takes seriously the fundamental tasks of catechesis as outlined in the Directory:
    - Promoting knowledge of the faith
    - Liturgical education
    - Moral formation
    - Teaching to pray
    - Education for community life
    - Missionary initiation

    Alive-O is child centred in its approach and presents its content in a manner suited to the age and stage of development of those for whom it is intended.

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AliveO 7 DVD

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