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A Song for Every Morning

Author(s): John Davies

ISBN13: 9781853118470

ISBN10: 1853118478


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  • Bind unto myself today/The strong name of the Trinity So begins one of the most ancient and enduring of Christian hymns. Known as St Patricks Breastplate, it originated in Ireland, possibly as far back as the 4th century. Its opening words sound like a personal rallying cry to courageous Christian living, and that is precisely what it is. The hymns nine verses are like a Celtic Creed, setting out essential beliefs about God. They are a timeless and energising call to live in such a way that the truth about God is made known through our actions. This short and powerful book reflects on the spiritual challenge of each of the Breastplates nine verses and sets out an exciting vision for an earthy and engaged Christian spirituality for our times.

  • John Davies

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A Song for Every Morning

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