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A Road Less Travelled

Tales of the Irish Missionaries

ISBN13: 9781846823176

ISBN10: 184682317X

Publisher: Four Courts Press

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  • From the Amazon rainforest to the South Pacific islands, and from India to the African plains, thousands of Irish missionaries devote themselves to the practical service of humanity. Working in dozens of countries around the globe, these missionaries have made an invaluable contribution to their adopted lands. Serving as pioneering health workers, as teachers of the poor (and sometimes as mentors to future world leaders), and as courageous advocates for marginalized peoples, Irish missionaries have left enduring and valuable legacies in fields as diverse as medicine, education, politics, ecology, and sport. In the course of their work, they face enormous challenges. They must adapt to the harsh environments of jungles, deserts, or city slum; wrestle with obscure languages; and offer respite to the victims of war, famine, or tribal violence. Some have paid a high price at the hands of bandits, hostile regimes, or tropical diseases. These men and women have had unique adventures, misadventures, and truly extraordinary experiences. This book provides vivid personal accounts of the most memorable experiences in their adopted homes. The stories they tell are amusing, informative, and in some cases harrowing - but always engrossing.

  • Aidan Clerkin

    Aidan Clerkin was born in Co. Donegal. He works as an educational researcher at St Patrick’s College, Dublin.

    Brendan Clerkin

    Brendan Clerkin is a Chartered Accountant and Tax Consultant. His first book, No Hurry in Africa, detailed his experiences while volunteering in Kenya. He is currently financial controller of a university in Uganda.

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A Road Less Travelled

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