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A Priest's Guide to Hearing Confessions


Author(s): Michael Woodgate

ISBN13: 9781860825309

ISBN10: 1860825303


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  • Short guide to the practice of celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation

    With the increasing complexity of modern society, todays confessor can be faced with more difficult and complex situations than his forebears. Furthermore, by the very nature of the seal of the Sacrament, it is not easy for him to discuss these situations with his fellow priests.

    This new Guide is a very helpful attempt to create a modern equivalent of the classic manuals for confessors popular among priests in the past. It provides a valuable guide to best pastoral practice, with a wide range of sample problems and counsel; a practical summary of pertinent theology; and a useful summary of the relevant canon law.

    Contents: Background; The Priest in the Confessional; The Minister of Penance; The Seal of Confession; The Rite of the Sacrament; The Process of Hearing a Confession; Some Imaginary Confessions and Suggested Counsel; Hearing Childrens Confessions; Confessions of the Dying; Services of Reconciliation; When Absolution should be withheld; Censures.

  • Michael Woodgate

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A Priest's Guide to Hearing Confessions

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