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A Place Called Self: A Companion Workbook

Author(s): Stephanie Brown

ISBN13: 9781592853557

ISBN10: 1592853552

Publisher: HAZELDEN

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  • A Place Called Self: A Companion Workbook addresses one of the greatest gifts and biggest challenges for women in recovery: Discovering the real, true self. Stephanie Brown explains how the process of becoming addicted requires women to shut down, turn off, and block out much of their true selves. The process of recovery is a process of self-discoveryof finding and developing the real self, the healthy self. Stephanie Brown created A Place Called Self: A Companion Workbook to be your personal recovery guide, with instructive insights and revealing questions to help you think of yourself in new ways.

  • Stephanie Brown

    Stephanie Brown, PH.D., is a pioneering researcher, clinician, author, teacher, and consultant in the addiction field. A psychologist, she is the director of the Addictions Institute, Menlo Park, California, where she also has a private practice. She is a research associate at the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, where she co-directs the Family Recovery Research Project.

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A Place Called Self: A Companion Workbook

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