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A New world

Genesis in Verse

Author(s): Tony Lawson

ISBN13: 9781844174737

ISBN10: 1844174735


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  • "I feel that one of the strong points of the book is the flow of the verses" Tony Lawson

    The book of Genesis rolls along in a fast, dynamic rhythm - or at least it does when Tony Lawsons telling the tale. His verses sweep you along from the verdant delights of the Garden of Eden, past Noah and the flood, to the arrival of the Israelites in Egypt and Josephs rise to power as Pharaohs right-hand man. A light-hearted but never irreverent style brings the characters from this epic biblical story to life, making A New World a highly enjoyable read. Its suitable for children and adults - with the detailed, faithful rendering of every passage of the original book of Genesis making it an invaluable aid for modern religious teaching.

    God was really quite upset to see his children fight; hed tried to make them virtuous but something wasnt right. And so the Lord decided to rid the world of men, and all the living things hed made, and start from scratch again.

    Hed enough of all the hate, the fighting, and the blood; hed make it rain for forty days and drown them in a flood. Afterwards hed start again, more Carefully and slower, hed save a family from the flood, the family of Noah.

    Noah was a righteous man deserving of Gods grace, and he would be the perfect dad for Gods new chosen race. So God went round to Noahs, he knocked upon the door and after tea and biscuits he let him know the score.

    He told him that the rain would last for many a day and night; the water would rise up and up and cover all in sight. He told him he should get to bed and rise up with the lark, and go to find some gopher wood to build himself an ark.

  • Tony Lawson

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A New world

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