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A New And Fairer Ireland

Securing Economic Development Social Equity and Sustainability

Author(s): N/A

ISBN13: 9781907501043

Publisher: Social Justice Ireland

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  • A combination of flawed analysis and faulty logic has resulted in poor people taking a hugely unfair proportion of the burden of Budget adjustments in recent years. In its 254-page annual Socio-Economic Review entitled ‘A New and Fairer Ireland’, published Monday May 16th, 2011, Social Justice Ireland argues that Government failed to acknowledge that improvements in social welfare rates in the mid-2000s were simply a partial ‘catch-up’ for people who had been left far behind while others gained in the preceding years. This flawed analysis was combined with a faulty logic which justified targeting poor people without realising they were far less able to absorb the ‘hits’ heaped on them. As a result, the working poor and people depending on social welfare payments have been left without sufficient resources to live life with dignity because of Government’s actions. This situation is unjust, unfair and unacceptable and should be reversed.

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A New And Fairer Ireland

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