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Lourdes: A Light in the Darkness

Songs and Hymns Inspired by Lourdes

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    1. A Light In The Darkness

    2. As I Kneel Before You

    3. Song of The Bernadette

    4. The Lourdes Hymn

    5. Mary, Did You Know

    6. Where Are You Bound Mary?

    7. Hail, Queen of Heaven

    8. You Raise Me Up

    9. Bring Flowers Of The Rarest

    10. Ave Maria

    11. The Magnificat

    12. When Creation Was Begun

    13. The Prayer

    14. Une Lumiere Dans l'Obscurité


    The CD was recorded in June 2015 at Camden Recording Studios Dublin and produced by Derek Cronin.


    I first came to Lourdes in September 2013. I had expected a very religious experience centered on the grotto but found the day to day easy routine and the people I met  provided  such a safe and peaceful space in which to look inward while outwardly seeing the effect Lourdes had on people.


    Watching the 16 year olds who twenty minutes earlier had been buzzing in the lobby of the hotel, connected by technology to half the world it seemed, brought to a standstill by a small candle in their hands and the power of the flame in the stillness - a light in the darkness.


    I moved away to the other end of the grotto area and sat with my back to the river. I thought about my mother who had died a year earlier. Although i thought i understood grief, my father having died 6 years previous, i found i had not dealt with it at all. I recalled the words of the guide on the stations of the cross earlier that day - if you are looking for someone who understands grief it is Our Lady. Mary was very much a human mother watching her child die. In these few moments in the stillness of Lourdes i found the space to let the grief in. I realised i was here to be healed, i was not in a wheelchair or ill in any way but needed the peace of Lourdes in which to begin my healing. It was an incredible few moments in this place where heaven touched earth.


    When I left Lourdes, I knew I had had an incredible experience and I knew I would have to return.


    I felt compelled to do something and in the months that followed I found myself thinking of Lourdes often and my thoughts eventually turned into the hymn that I have written. Lourdes - A Light in the Darkness


    I did return to Lourdes last September and I was given the great honour of singing my Hymn at the grotto mass.

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Lourdes: A Light in the Darkness

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