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A Guidebook for the Spiritual Life

How should one live with God?

Author(s): Bernard Peyrous

ISBN13: 9781856075350

ISBN10: 1856075354


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  • This Guidebook for the Spiritual Life grows out of the vision of God as both humanitys best friend and the source of all reality and all fulfilment. Bernard Peyrous sees humanity in terms of body, feelings, intelligence and the deep self (that is, he adopts Victor Frankls view). He presents the journey towards God and full maturity in terms of the seven stages described by Teresa of Avila in her Interior Castle. And he examines with considerable care topics like the second call (at mid-life), the road back from woundedness, and the various ways people experience God in their lives.
  • Bernard Peyrous

    AND TRANSLATOR Bernard Peyrous, priest, doctor of letters and member of the Emmanuel Community, is an authority on the history of spirituality and the postulator for the cause for beatification of Marthe Robin. He was helped in the writing of this book by Marie-Thérèse Gill, vice-postulator and a member of the Foyer of Charity. Kathryn Spink, author of numerous spiritual biographies, is the translator of Jean Vanier’s Made for Happiness, as well as many of Dominique Lapierre’s books.

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A Guidebook for the Spiritual Life