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A Dictionary of Gnosticism

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ISBN13: 9780835608695

ISBN10: 0835608697

Publisher: Veritas

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  • A Dictionary of Gnosticism is a scholarly yet accessible guide that covers the people, mythology, movements, scripture, and technical terms related to this pre-Christian Western religion. It contains nearly 1700 entries, from Aachiaram, an angel in the Secret Book of John to Zostrianos, a third-century Gnostic text, and is a reliable reference for the Nag Hammadi library and other Gnostic texts. An introduction explains who the Gnostics were and provides a whirlwind tour through the history of this captivating movement.

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    Created in response to the sudden appearance of gnosticism in film and popular culture, this fascinating lexicon offers 1700 definitions explaining the enigmatic references, figures, texts, and puzzling redundancies that exist in New Testament apocrypha. The succinct A-to-Z entries run no more than a few sentences. Deftly sketched in Smiths (Lost Sayings of Jesus) introductory overview is gnosticisms emergence, its complex relationship to Christianity, its 19th-century resurgence, and the 20th-century discovery of additional texts expanding our knowledge of the movement. An eight-page bibliography rounds out this vital translation tool, which will aid both scholarly inquiry and ambitious lay study.

    - Library Journal

    This book answers the prayers of students and practitioners of Gnosticism far and wide. Andrew Smith gives us an informative and accurate compendium that readers will use abundantly.

    - Dr. Stephan A. Hoeller, Bishop, Ecclesia Gnostica; author of Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing

    If you need a sympathetic guide to the beliefs of these extraor-dinary Gnostics who lived a long time ago, in a world far, far away, this is the book for you. Always pack a copy when setting out for that strange and exciting country. Have a great trip!

    - Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy, authors of The Jesus Mysteries and The Gospel of the Second Coming

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A Dictionary of Gnosticism

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