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Author(s): Jason Brian Santos

ISBN13: 9780830835256

ISBN10: 0830835253

Publisher: Inter Varsity Press IVP

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  • Taiz?® - the word is strangely familiar to many throughout the contemporary church. Familiar, perhaps, because the chanted prayers of Taiz?® are well practiced in churches throughout the world. Strangely, however, because so little is known about Taiz?® - from its historic beginnings to how the word itself is pronounced.

    The worship of the Taiz?® community, as it turns out, is best understood in the context of its greater mission. On the day Jason Brian Santos arrived in the Taiz?® community its leader was brutally murdered before his eyes. Instead of making Santos want to leave, the way the community handled this tragedy made him long to stay and learn more about this group of people who could respond to such evil with grace and love.

    In this book he takes us on a tour of one of the worlds first ecumenical monastic orders, from its monastic origins in the war-torn south of 1940s France to its emerging mission as a pilgrimage site and spiritual focal point for millions of young people throughout the world. In A Community Called Taiz?® youll meet the brothers of the order and the countless visitors and volunteers who have taken upon themselves a modest mission: pronouncing peace and reconciliation to the church and the world.

    Jason Brian Santos is a teaching fellow and doctoral candidate in practical theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. He has also worked as a research assistant at Princeton as well as a youth minister at America Protestant Church in Bonn Germany. He has written articles for The Journal of Student Ministries and Youth Worker Journal and is a frequent speaker in the United States and around the world. After spending several months with the Taiz?® community in France, Santos wrote A Community Called Taiz?®: A Story of Prayer, Worship and Reconciliation.
  • Jason Brian Santos

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    When he first visited the Taiz?® ecumenical community in Frances Burgundy region, author Santos, now a doctoral candidate at Princeton University, had no plans to write a book. By his second trip, however, the idea for one had taken root. Geared to an English-speaking, North American audience and said to be a first-of-its-kind account, this lovely and instructive book mingles the communitys history with descriptions of day-to-day life and practical information about making a pilgrimage to Taiz?®. Although many American Christians are familiar with Taiz?®s chants, few may know the details Santos imparts. Most compelling among them is the authors witnessing Taiz?® founder Brother Rogers violent death in 2005 at the hands of a disturbed woman during evening prayers. Santos insists that this did not lead him to write the book, but it provides a remarkable context for writing about the community that has attracted so many with its message of reconciliation, trust and freedom. Besides Santoss careful research, readers will appreciate his thoughtful ideas about how to take Taiz?®s spirit beyond the community.

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