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A Celebration of Autumn

Author(s): David Adam

ISBN13: 9780281057160

Publisher: SPCK Publishing (22 July 2005)

Extent: 48 pages

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 20.2 x 20 x 1 cm

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  • Personal reflections, poems and prayers as response to the wonder of Autumn.


    Much of the inspiration for David Adam's writing comes from his deep appreciation of the miracle of creation. This series affords him the opportunity to focus in turn on spring, summer, autumn and winter and, through the written word and visual images, to help readers come to a greater awareness of the significance of each season in terms of the Christian life. A Celebration of Autumn includes personal reflections, poems and prayers on harvest, All Saints' Day and Remembrance Sunday, and is illustrated in full colour with fine art paintings.

  • David Adam

          David Adam is one of the best-loved figures in Celtic Spirituality. He also writes poetry and teaching material for churches. Living on Holy Island for thirteen years he has a special love for the saints of Iona and Lindisfarne. He now lives on land that was once given to St Cuthbert.

    A good few of David’s poems and prayers have been turned into songs or hymns and they appear on CDs. He has broadcast on TV and radio on many occasions, talking on Celtic saints and their way of life. He is interested in Northumbrian folk tales and with a folk singer relates these to various audiences. He is a keen bird-watcher and loves walking in the hills.

    David wants people to learn to stop for a while and to wonder at the mystery of the whole of creation and the marvel of their own being. ‘Too many people see the world as a problem to be solved rather than a mystery to be enjoyed.’

    He has a great interest in liturgy and believes it should be deepened by teaching people to meditate on the simplest yet most profound of statements such as: ‘The Lord is here’.

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A Celebration of Autumn

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