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A Catholic Companion to Mary

ISBN13: 9780879463304

ISBN10: 0879463309


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  • The Catholic Companion to Mary is an attempt to bring Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to life as a flesh-and-blood human being, using what research, theological study, and the experience of millions of Catholics have revealed about her.

    This book presents what the Catholic Church believes about Mary, coupled with a wealth of intriguing information about peoples devotion to her. These pages are meant to act as a lens to bring Mary into greater focus, so that ultimately readers may be drawn to a stronger relationship with the Blessed Virgin.

    Chapters focus on pivotal events in Marys life, including:

    * Marys marriage to Joseph
    * Mary and Josephs escape into Egypt
    * Intercession at the wedding in Cana
    * Jesus preaching
    * The Crucifixion
    * Marys Assumption
  • Mary Kathleen Glavich

      Mary Kathleen Glavich, a Sister of Notre Dame, is an author, editor, and national speaker from Cleveland, Ohio. Besides writing more than 50 books on religious education and spirituality, she has worked on five textbook series. In the past, she has taught every grade from first to twelfth. Currently she is a pastoral associate at St. Dominic Parish, and likes to play the piano, read, and crochet.

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A Catholic Companion to Mary

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