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99 Ways to Raise Spiritually Healthy Children

Author(s): N/A

ISBN13: 9780664235369

ISBN10: 0664235360

Publisher: Westminster/John Knox Press

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  • Bostrom, author of the popular books 99 Things to Do Between Here and Heaven and Making Space for the Spirit, offers fun, practical, and thought-provoking ideas for nurturing the spiritual lives of children, parents, and families. Each of the 99 entries includes a Scripture passage, a theoretical or practical suggestion for weaving together faith and daily life, and a provocative challenge that encourages readers to spend some time contemplating the lessons learned.

    Be a pretty good parent. Be kind. Prepare for worship. Follow through. Keep a gratitude journal. Learn how to lose. Teach worship etiquette. Play together. Pray together. Practice integrity. Stick together. Bless your child. Volunteer as a family. Encourage independence. Learn and experience other faith traditions. Remember your baptism. Do more than worship. Nurture your own spiritual life. Embrace the mystery. Remember when God became more than just a name to you. Find a church that welcomes children. Keep the Sabbath. Have meals together. Admit that you dont have all the answers. Develop family rituals. Create a Christian calendar. Let mistakes happen. Write a family table grace. Use your imagination. Encourage questions. Talk about death and dying. Respond to current events from a faith perspective. Make an Advent chain. Teach tithing. Laugh often and much. Choose your battles. Ask for help. Teach and practice conflict management. Nurture the environment. Take care of yourself. Cherish individuality. Get to know people of all ages. Practice hospitality. Share chores. Discuss what youve learned at church. Express physical affection. Choose a family song. Tackle the tough topics. Cook meals together. Be still. Ask the right questions. Be honest. Fill in your family faith tree. Read the Bible together. Say thank you. Get to know your childs friends. Set boundaries. Celebrate for no reason. Make manners matter. Let anger be expressed. Stand up for justice. Write an affirmation of faith. Give and receive forgiveness. Respect privacy. Anticipate the good. Discipline wisely. Be a good listener. Be kind to animals. Let your child make decisions about faith. Examine your expectations. Learn from your child. Remember the big picture. Live a life of stewardship. Give up guilt. Memorize Scripture. Overflow with grace. Send your child into the world with joy!

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    Readers will enjoy the light tone of the book, as well as a refreshed spirit upon finishing!

    This book is a gentle and stress-free way to take moments of quiet reflection, even in the busiest of lives:
    -Denise Roy, author of Momfulness: Mothering with Mindfulness, Compassion, and Grace


99 Ways to Raise Spiritually Healthy Children

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