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52 Good Reasons to Go to Church

Besides the Obvious Ones

Author(s): Paul McFate

ISBN13: 9780879462680

ISBN10: 087946268X


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  • In this fun little book, Paul McFate offers fifty-two scientifically proven benefits of going to church and it appears that the more often you go, the more positive the effects. Inspired to write this book to fulfill his spiritual duties as a godfather, Mcfate notes that perhaps we all need a little support in the faith at some point or another. 52 (Good) Reasons to Go to Church offers that support, with each reason based on a documented study. McFate argues that going to church regularly can: lower your blood pressure, increase your life expectancy, strengthen your immune system, improve your self-image, improve your sex life, create safer communities amongst others.
  • Paul McFate

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52 Good Reasons to Go to Church

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