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40 Days Living the Jesus Creed

Author(s): Scot McKnight

ISBN13: 9781557255778

ISBN10: 1557255776


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  • 40 Days with the Jesus Creed takes the essence of The Jesus Creed as the launching pad for the great moral statements of the New Testament. It provides us with a steady diet of reminders of what Jesus calls us to. We will explore, in short readings for 40 days, how the Jesus Creed undergirds the Sermon on the Mount, the Love Chapter of the apostle Paul, and the core moral teachings of James (brother of Jesus), Peter and the apostle John. What I believe is that it is not enough to read a book once and then think weve got it. We need ongoing reminders, daily feedings as it were, of what is most important.
  • Scot McKnight

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40 Days Living the Jesus Creed

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